Job Site Safety

Unsafe conditions and practices cost time and money – not only when work is delayed or when fines are imposed, but every day, when resulting higher insurance costs for builders or subcontractors get passed on to clients.

At SouthLand Constructors, we go well beyond safety requirements. Every job site we manage, every subcontractor we hire, is fully compliant with all safety regulations, including OSHA CFR 1926 Standards, Department of Labor Safety and Health guidelines, and TDEC workplace requirements. We are also a 100% Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace.

We further protect our clients with an independent third-party administrator over all safety issues. AMC Safety experts work closely with our supervisors on site, with full authority to enforce compliance and address all issues immediately. As a result, SouthLand projects regularly receive clean reports from OSHA inspectors. Work proceeds smoothly and without costly fines.

In addition, SouthLand personnel are rigorously trained and certified. Every new hire receives a two-hour safety orientation. All project managers, supervisors and foremen are 30-hour OSHA Certified, including full training in first aid and CPR. What’s more, all subcontractors must be certified for safety and compliance before being assigned to one of our projects.